Serralves em Festa

Serralves em festa” is an annual artistic event held at Serralves Gardens and Museum, in Oporto, Portugal.

During “40 hours non-stop”, everyone can watch (and sometimes participate) in dance, music and creative events – and also workshops! For all ages 😉

And it’s totally free!


The Diana F+ Experience – 2

As I promised (long ago), here are some new photos taken with my Diana F+.

Being a rational person, it’s still hard for me to “let it go” and shoot without thinking. First of all, I’m used to think before shoot; and, moreover, 120mm film is expensive and one can only take a few picture!

Nevertheless, this time I’ve tried to shoot with the 16cms x 16cms square border to avoid vignetting and to take more photos than the usual 12.


Hope you enjoy 🙂


Etsy shop // aldasilva photography


I’ve been away for a while, with lots of work to do, but I’m back with (good) news: I’m officially selling prints of all my photos (or almost). I’ve opened a shop on Etsy – aldasilva photography – which I hope you visit. Oh, and buy from! 🙂

Only few pictures are available there, but if it proves to be successful, I’ll add more. I’ll sell pictures outside of Etsy too: if you see any photo (on Facebook, Flickr, my website, this blog or some other place) that you like and want to buy, talk to me and we’ll make it happen. 🙂

I hope you join me in this new stage!