Food Photography – a comeback

What about a spree? Some kind of feast?

I went back to food photography a couple weeks ago. I do need to get more experience on the field, but i still love it more than I can possibly tell at the moment. It’s quite a challenge! Not getting the best conditions to shoot makes it an even bigger challenge, as I have to figure out how to improve what I have (which is not good nor even enough for an amateur shot, sometimes).

As soon as I get more used to this, I will be posting examples here.

Cheers, everyone!

S. Pedro do Sul

Recently, I went for a weekend trip to S. Pedro do Sul. I didn’t shoot that much, unfortunately (only about 60 pictures for a 3-day long journey), but some of the photos are kinda nice. Not impressive photography, though, but I liked some results. And the place is worth visiting (I’ve been there last week, there’s a post on that) and I still want to go back there again sometime later.

Here’s a “sneak pic” of it.

S. Pedro do Sul, Viseu, Portugal

S. Pedro do Sul, Viseu, Portugal