S. Pedro do Sul

S. Pedro do Sul, Portugal.


Project 365.52 _ 067.073

Days #067 until #073

Happy Birthday, sister! 19 🙂

Sorry, this is really late – I first had trouble updating the pictures and then had some other issues that prevented me from coming here…

Project 365/52 _ 063.066

Updating again… Now already in October! 🙂

Pictures from day #063 until #066, representing October 1st – 4th.

Pictures 1 and 2 _ Airport (first one taken on my way home; second one taken while going to work)

Picture 3 _ My desk lamp

Picture 4 _ Serralves 🙂

Project 365/52 _ 050.062

This project is now taking a turn. As I have been tired of shooting myself and not having the time (and the patience) that it takes to make good pictures of me, I decided to take this into a different direction. I recall having said in the beginning that this could happen and that I’d rather change the project and carry it on than to abandon it at all.

So, here are the pictures from day #050 to day #062.

PS. – About this week [random facts / not so random facts] I’ve been away from home for days, so some of these pictures were actually taken at the hotel I stayed in. I barely had time to shoot them – that’s when I decided to stop taking this project as it was and to adapt it to my daily life. This is my largest post so far, due to my delays posting here. So, this post has all the pictures remaining from September. The new pictures from October 1st until October 3rd (my bad…) will be posted shortly.

So… another month done and still counting.

Cheers! 🙂

A change

As I had predicted when I begun the 365/52 project, I will be changing the way it is being lead. Instead of following the original guidelines, I will posting one picture a day (unchanged!), but not necessarity portraits. (: Just a photo of my day. 🙂 I should be posting the first ones by now – tonight or tomorrow.