A New Year

Everyone is thinking about new resolutions for the upcoming year of 2011, and stating all that 2010 was about.

I skip all of that, as I think that one year only is not just 365 (366) days.


This time, I will not stay at home, alone; I’ll be travelling soon and keeping it simple as I’ve been doing so far.  No rush, no further questions. I don’t know how it will be, but it doesn’t worry me at all. I’m hoping to enjoy those moments. All I can say is that it’s likely to keep myself near seaside: I love the seaside.


Kids, keep up the pace: keep yourselves together.

London 2010

London 2010, originally uploaded by A. Sofia Silva.

London, December, Snow. Three little magical words.
If you are travelling to London this month, you mustn’t miss the Winter Wonderland, on Hyde Park. Nearest Tube station: Hyde Park Corner.

You’ll sure find a lot of funny attractions over there – just like on a traditional fun fair, as well as food, drinks and a market.
I strongly recommend going there, even if just fr a walk, to feel the Winter and Christmas spirit while drinking some hot chocolate or mulled wine.

Check out all the information you may need on the official website.

London 2010

London 2010, originally uploaded by A. Sofia Silva.

There are many things I love about London. It’s neat and organized; civility is a constant and I can’t avoid going out for a walk on the streets and thinking how much I would love to bring that kind of education back to Portugal.

Also, it’s so very cultural that makes me stay there just for a little longer – or, in other words, makes me want to go back there still while on the plane back home.

I love my hometown, I surely do. But, perfectly it would have more about London: more culturally evolved (meaning a more open-minded awareness of society and being more contemporary, rather than sticking to mistakes and never moving on); uploading the offer to visitors and inhabitants (transportation is a bit expensive, when compared to other cities, even in Portugal; entrances to Museums are paid and what they offer may not be so valuable, etc); and, moreover, being more polite and civilized.

I still love my hometown.*