[Reminiscências] _ Nostalghia

Memória Futura 016

Memória Futura 017

Memória Futura 018

Memória Futura 019

Memória Futura 020

These are the last photos from my “Reminiscências” series, included in the “Memória Futura: Histórias de vida” project.

I’ll have the four series exposed on an exhibition that will begin this Friday, June 27th, and due on July 11th.

Double exposures

I use both a digital and an analog photocamera.

I’ve just uploaded some shots I took with the analog camera (I use a Pentax P30, about my age, that girl!). I love doing double exposures, because you can’t totally precise what will come up from the shots – even if you are writing down what you’ve shot. The most precise way of knowing what will result from it is shooting both with an analog and a digital camera (and using Photoshop – or any other image edition software – to put the digital images one over the other).

You can see on my Flickr some of the resulting images.


1. IMG_0596, 2. IMG_0599, 3. IMG_0605, 4. IMG_0615, 5. gulbenkian, 6. gulbenkian 2, 7. gulbenkian 3, 8. gulbenkian 4, 9. gulbenkian 5, 10. gulbenkian 8, 11. IMG_0633, 12. IMG_0639, 13. IMG_0645, 14. IMG_0647, 15. IMG_0684, 16. capa catálogo dvdteca fnac, 17. concurso fotografia fbaup, 18. shadows of myself – 9, 19. Aeroporto 04, 20. Aeroporto 03, 21. Aeroporto 06, 22. Aeroporto 05, 23. Aeroporto 02, 24. Aeroporto_pano, 25. Aeroporto 01, 26. IMG_2321, 27. metro 01, 28. metro 02, 29. fbaup, 30. fbaup, 31. fbaup, 32. fbaup, 33. fbaup, 34. fbaup, 35. fbaup


It’s a fact that I really enjoy shooting performances. So far, I’ve been shooting as many concerts as possible, I try to go to some at least every month, so that I can get more expertize on dealing with strong colourful lights, movement, etc.