New website and revisited blogroll


Just a quick post on my new website – or should I say a refreshed one? Visit and feel free to give me your opinion on it.
Also, two links added to my blogroll: Issuu and dAfolio 🙂



Plastics Nevermore

Again, a quick update over this cosy little corner.
I haven’t been shooting a lot lately, mostly due to my work schedule (I work afternoons/evenings – nights), which is not so compatible with most other people’s lives. So, one of these days, on my day off, I just grabbed my camera and a friend and we went for some shooting nearby. Some of the resultant pictures will probably be featured here (this is the moment to remember that I haven’t posted more from the trip to Gerês, but that’s cool either way).

I really feel I am needing this! *click*

Joana 02 b