New photos


I have some new photos, but I haven’t had the time to see them all accurately (I mean, not everything is meant to be online :P).

I also have two films, ready to develop and print. I must therefore go some Kodak store or something to leave them there. It takes around a week to get the job done. I totally refuse go to a FNAC store, since they messed up with a slide film of mine. Geez, bad customer support, if I may complain! Anyway, I want to travel somewhere, to shoot more and I am quite needy of this. >_>

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This weekend I’ve been to Peso da Régua (or commonly knows for Régua), a Portuguese town in the upper Douro Valley. It is part of the Douro’s Demarcated and Regulated Region – the first in the world, actually.

It’s not a big city, but it offers you a nice stay and a wonderful view over the river. It was mainly recognized after Marquês de Pombal (Pombal’s Marquis) has created the “Companhia Geral das Vinhas do Vale do Douro” (General Company of the Douro’s Valley Vineyards) in the 18th century. He ordered the Douro’s Valley Vineyards must be delimited with granite Factory landmarks, determining the best wine’s producers.

You can get to Régua by train, boat or car. If you’re travelling from the Porto area, as I was, going by train and the coming back by boat is a great option: you can value all the landscape drawn by the river and the hills, enjoying all the vineyards, and also appreciating the river’s dams, while the waters rise and fall.

I travelled by train (trains, actually, since I must ride at least two each way) and I loved it – I love travelling by train, but this one is a must. If you get to go there someday, please don’t lose your chance to taste some Port Wine while enjoying the magnificent landscape!

Either way, I’ll sure come back soon to post some photos. ^^

Have a nice day!