Project 365/52 _ 022.028

Days #022 until #028.

This is now…

…up to date. Finally!

Besides being busy at work and working as a freelance multimedia and design professional, I’ve been on two leadership, motivation and teamwork training courses: one in S. Pedro do Sul (RIMT 1) and another in Lisbon (Discovery 1). These training courses were held by AIESEC – find some information about us on the website. 🙂

I hope to keep this running smoothlier from now on, since I’m trying to get myself on more shooting sessions in December. Besides, I have more double expositions to scan (film photography <3), which were taken a “long” time ago. 🙂

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Project 365.52 _ until 108 :)

A lot of posting today. I’ve not been very active lately, but I’ve been shooting wherever place I go. I had this nice weekend out at S. Pedro do Sul, at an AIESEC’s local commitee reunion. You can see some photos. 🙂

Project 365.52