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Photography Book

Hi, everyone.

I am here to announce that I will be co-author of a Photography book, along with other (mostly amateur) Photographers. The book will be called Essência e Memória – Volume 3 (Essence and Memory, Vol. 3) and will be on sale later this year, by Christmas time (we all hope!).

This is a new project for me and I am thrilled to be participating on it. I will sure post more about it later, specially when it comes out!

All the best.


I finally got the time needed to go the shopping centre and get my developed film and photos. Photos on a CD, of course, it’s a lot cheaper.

I’m amused about how they turned up to be, because they are a lot better and funnier than I had originally predicted. 🙂 As I’ll be travelling until next week, only by then I’ll see them again and post some for you to see. I definitely love shooting on film, the colours are different, the tones are wonderful and the grain is unique. Besides, the expectation is a lot higher!

What’s your opinion on film? Do you have a favourite brand or ISO/ASA factor film? I generally use Kodak or Fujifilm (100 ASA). ^^

See you soon!