Edgar Meneses

Edgar Meneses, originally uploaded by A. Sofia Silva.

Edgar Meneses shot again, he’s a lovely model 🙂
And this turned out to be a nice afternoon/evening after all!

Thank you*


I have been going through a rougher time, so I haven’t been shooting much lately.
So, today some friends gathered and took me for a nice “Chat & Shooting” session. We went to the Botanical Garden and then to the beach. Will probably post some portraiture here later!

All the best,

Another weekend out.

Another weekend out means (maybe!) some pictures to post. And what a lovely weekend out in Gerês, a National Green Park, which includes a reserved, protected area. Contact with Nature, relaxing, walking and exercising… sweet.
Shot a bit, but I guess that wasn’t my priority – a bit unfortunate when the landscape is as stunning as that one!

Will get back here later!


Airport II

Here.. pictures from the Oporto Airport. 🙂
Just a wee bit of what I’ve been doing over there.



I have visited the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto, Portugal) lately, since I have been spending too much time at home and I took some shots worth showing.
I’ll select some and put them online here later (tomorrow or so will be fine for that).

Nevertheless, I am willing to shoot portraits over there. It’s a very nice space and it’s full of feelings.