About me

 Who am I?

I’m a Alda Silva, Portuguese Multimedia Designer and Photographer, creator of this blog and the website Alda Silva.

If you like photography, you’re in the right place!

Here, I showcase some of my shots, either recent or older – images that I’ve put myself into and wanted you to feel free to criticise.

My most recent photos are paid assignments that my clients criticise openly before I share. So, all these works are original.

Since opening, I’ve received many contacts via this blog, my website and my Facebook page and I’ve worked with people in Portugal in various assigments.

My visitors have been posting me questions via email and I’ve met extraordinary people while in my corner. (Thanks in advance!) Being able to share some of the photos I’ve taken with them is really an amazing feeling.

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I graduated in Multimedia Communication at the University of Porto and finished my Masters in Image Design in 2009, including a thesis and project on Newspaper Design, in the Fine Arts Faculty of the same instituition. Since then, I’ve been studying Photography and Digital Marketing, two areas than may not seem alike but sometimes make great sense together.

Whenever possible, I send an email with goodies and news, so don’t forget to sign up to get them!

I love Photography, so I’ve been challenging myself since my college times to shoot more, and more efficiently. I carry my cameras with me as much as possible and shoot whatever I see.


– Photography is so much more and still images. It’s life. –



4 thoughts on “About me

    • Hi, please do 🙂

      Sure, I speak English ^^ 🙂 Portuguese is my mother tongue, English is close to that as well. Then Spanish and a bit of French and a bitsee-weetsie of German *giggles*

    • Olá,
      Sou do Porto, no norte 🙂 Continuo a escrever em inglês porque encontrei muito público fora de Portugal a visitar o blog 😉

      Obrigada pelo teu comentário! 🙂

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