Product Photography #2

So, after knowing what it is and some of the material it may require, let’s focus on setting it up.

Preparation is the key.

The time you dedicate to preparation will give you the quality of your photography: better preparation, better results. Small things (literally) can ruin good photos. Things like dirt, dust, fingerprints, greasy spots will be seen, so have some cleaning supplies with you (some microfiber cloths are a must), so that you can solve these problems with a few minutes cleaning before the shoot.

It’s important – I’ll say this again – to know the product. It’s all about the product. What is it? What is it used for? You can shoot the product in a constructed environment of in a white background. White and black aren’t the only backgrounds you can use; if you need to show the detail of a product, you can use fabric or texture to create depth and difference.

If the product can’t support itself, you may need a stand or rigging to support it. So antecipate it; think ahead on how you’ll do it, specially if you’re shooting many different products that will live in the same place. Those pictures need to co-exist beautifully. Some of these are examples of what’s common to use: body shapes for clothing to gain volume, fishing line or wire (things you can remove in post-production).

If your material is highly reflective, the photo needs to show both those properties and the shadowed areas. Otherwise you’ll end up with a flat shot, losing all the depth of the product. You can doing using a white frosted storage tub on the side with a some white paper inside and some lights outside to get those reflections to work but also some shadow to give you volume. Use some hot lights (lights that aren’t flashing – they are always on) to help. If you’re shooting outside, you can use natural light on a clear day.

Is that is?

There’s a lot more than just this, because it all takes pratice, practice, practice to happen 🙂 Post your comments and questions and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

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Stay tuned for more tutorials soon!



Product Photography #1

This is the first post on the various kinds of photography taht you can find – and even specialize on.

Product Photography

What is it?

Product photography is the photography of objects, either they are small objects, like milk cartons, or huge, like trucks, that may be used in catalogues, billboards, menus, online, etc.

As any other kind, it requires work – a lot of it. The subjects are often very varied, which allows the photographer (or someone interested) to explore light and shadows as much as they can and to understand materials better. Those skills are useful for all kinds of photography.

Here, the product sells (even if you’re not really on a retail business) – it’s always about the product!
A great product shot will make someone want it, despite other qualities such as brand or price. So, the photos need to properly display what the product is and sell it as a certain status.

“I don’t have a lot of gear, what about now?”

As in everything in live, you make the gears; they don’t make you. The tools you need will vary based on what your’re shooting, but you can take note that you can use almost any digital camera as a starting tool. Professionally, you may have:

* Various lenses:
Macro lenses are great for detail shots, but you’ll also find prime lenses as they maintain the focal length and are usually faster that zoom lenses, keeping picture sharpness. Mandatory: a tripod. Half of the shots will be still, so a trippod is your best friend.

* Lighting:
Most common to find: a multi-strobe setup with umbrellas, softboxes, ringflash, snoots, grids and other lighting modifiers, and flags to block light. If you don’t have a ringflash, you’ll need to set up a display to get light from the front.

* Backgrounds:
If you need backgrounds, you can use seamless paper of every color or specific items (that’s here light tents and cubes enter). Do as you need!
On the second post about Product Photography, I’ll tell you how to set up for a photoshoot and how to shoot some materials. 🙂


Passatempo “Bloggers’ battle”

Este post é só para Portugal | This post is for Portugal only!

Para comemorar o aniversário da página que está quase aí e a nova marca dos quase 3000 (obrigada!) pensei em fazer uma “bloggers’ battle”. Seriam sessões fotográficas com bloggers (meninas, meninos e famílias também!) para apurar o melhor look e melhor foto!

Eu ofereço a sessão a cada blogger que quiser participar e as regras são simples!

1. A sessão será em horário a definir, em local pelo Grande Porto também a combinar.

2. Cada blogger pode levar no máximo 3 looks para a sessão.

3. Os looks são escolhidos pelos bloggers (eu posso auxiliar apenas).

4. Make-up não está incluída – os bloggers que quiserem devem providenciar ou falar comigo para ver se consigo arranjar.

5. Teremos três categorias:
5.1. Bloggers femininas
5.2. Bloggers masculinos
5.3. Famílias e grupos

6. Os prémios para cada vencedor serão:
6.1. Impressão de 2 fotos da sessão à escolha.
6.2. Oferta de uma sessão para sortearem no próprio blog.
6.3. Post com fotos extra da sessão vencedora.
6.4. Partilha das fotos no meu site e galerias.
6.5. Podem haver prémios surpresa! 🙂

7. A votação será feita com 3 partes:
7.1. Votação do público nas fotos partilhadas
7.2. Votação de bloggers e profissionais não participantes (a lista ainda está a ser fechada!)
7.3. Um voto meu em cada categoria

Aceito contactos até dia 31 de Agosto, sendo que as sessões se devem realizar até, no máximo, 15 de Setembro, para serem partilhadas durante o mês de Setembro ainda para votação!
Mandem mensagem pela página, respondam em comentários abaixo ou enviem email para

Boas fotos!