London 2010

London 2010, originally uploaded by A. Sofia Silva.

There are many things I love about London. It’s neat and organized; civility is a constant and I can’t avoid going out for a walk on the streets and thinking how much I would love to bring that kind of education back to Portugal.

Also, it’s so very cultural that makes me stay there just for a little longer – or, in other words, makes me want to go back there still while on the plane back home.

I love my hometown, I surely do. But, perfectly it would have more about London: more culturally evolved (meaning a more open-minded awareness of society and being more contemporary, rather than sticking to mistakes and never moving on); uploading the offer to visitors and inhabitants (transportation is a bit expensive, when compared to other cities, even in Portugal; entrances to Museums are paid and what they offer may not be so valuable, etc); and, moreover, being more polite and civilized.

I still love my hometown.*


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