New website!


I’m leaving a wuick note here inviting you to visit my renewed website! Feel free to drop a line or two of your opinion about it!

It’s powered by 500px, where my gallery is kept safe 🙂

Thanks in advance!

Have a great day!



It’s the Second of the Year


You, readers, know this blog counts more on my images than on my bare words, but today I wanted to do something different. It’s great to give you words instead of photos for instance.

This is nothing to fear – it’s just me telling you how important you are. I believe that without you all it wouldn’t feel so special, Back in 2014, I had a few contacts that came from this little corner of the Internet and I felt loved. Some of those contacts even ended in new work possibilities, I had never thought it would happen! 🙂

I am mostly thankful for being this loved 🙂

Have a great day!


2013 and an update!

It’s totally my fault that there have been months without proper updates! I’m returning to my platforms now, letting you know all that it has been happening on my side of the fence.

2012 ended beautifully and I’ve accomplished some goals I wanted; nothing too huge, but important, nevertheless – specially setting my own place and settling down on a lovable way. It’s a nice house where I live with my boyfriend and our two cats, which are the fluffiest thing ever. EVER.

2013 is a challenging year, either personally and professionally speaking. I now bare new challenges at work and deal with more responsability, which, I hope, will lead me to other kinds of improvement. On the other hand, I’m exhibiting some photos on a bar in Oporto, called “Era uma vez no Porto” (translated to “Once upon a time in Oporto”) and have been given some feedback and some criticism – leading, again, to make room for further improvement.
flyerI’m hoping to shoot more, even if as a hobbie and, if I make some pennies out of it, the merrier.

There is a new Facebook page in town: alda silva | photography. Visit it, like it and, above all, share with your friends. I’d appreciate it a lot. I’ll make giveaways and publish some works and interesting articles. Neat, right?

It’s all for now, but I’ll come back soon – I promise.


Must post some of my shots with my Polaroid here. 🙂
I really enjoy that shoot-and-get-photo feeling: it’s different from either digital or developed film photography.
Besides, my camera doesn’t take the traditional 600 film; instead, it’s a 70 camera, so the photo is a clean rectangle! ^^

Amazing 🙂


Hi, everyone!

I’ve been posting little own work lately, as I have many photos to share, but still haven’t chosen which one to share. I’ve been travelling a bit and shooting near my home and workplaces – rolls to develop, memory card to check… busy bee!

I hope you enjoy other people’s contents that I post every once in a while, to keep you updated on Photography too.

See you soon!