Product Photography #2

So, after knowing what it is and some of the material it may require, let’s focus on setting it up.

Preparation is the key.

The time you dedicate to preparation will give you the quality of your photography: better preparation, better results. Small things (literally) can ruin good photos. Things like dirt, dust, fingerprints, greasy spots will be seen, so have some cleaning supplies with you (some microfiber cloths are a must), so that you can solve these problems with a few minutes cleaning before the shoot.

It’s important – I’ll say this again – to know the product. It’s all about the product. What is it? What is it used for? You can shoot the product in a constructed environment of in a white background. White and black aren’t the only backgrounds you can use; if you need to show the detail of a product, you can use fabric or texture to create depth and difference.

If the product can’t support itself, you may need a stand or rigging to support it. So antecipate it; think ahead on how you’ll do it, specially if you’re shooting many different products that will live in the same place. Those pictures need to co-exist beautifully. Some of these are examples of what’s common to use: body shapes for clothing to gain volume, fishing line or wire (things you can remove in post-production).

If your material is highly reflective, the photo needs to show both those properties and the shadowed areas. Otherwise you’ll end up with a flat shot, losing all the depth of the product. You can doing using a white frosted storage tub on the side with a some white paper inside and some lights outside to get those reflections to work but also some shadow to give you volume. Use some hot lights (lights that aren’t flashing – they are always on) to help. If you’re shooting outside, you can use natural light on a clear day.

Is that is?

There’s a lot more than just this, because it all takes pratice, practice, practice to happen 🙂 Post your comments and questions and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Read more about Product Photography.


Stay tuned for more tutorials soon!


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