Back from the cold apple

NYC was very cold but that’s one way of appreciating the Big City.

Get out of the hotel early in the morning, as the sun is just getting up, grab a bagel and a “cup to go” cappuccino and start walking and finding all kinds of details to shoot. This was my first time out since last Summer, so I felt really needy in the weeks before. And it was amazing! I have tons of photos (I’ve seen them, but haven’t observed them yet) and I’ll surely share some of them here and on my website.

What I really enjoy about NYC is, first of all, the normality: everything is normal. *cue in The “Lego Movie”‘s “Everything is awesome”*

It doesn’t matter what style you’re wearing or the music you’re listening to – you’ll find someone to accept you as you are. Besides, I get fascinated on how everything is big (and also, capitalist) and how the sun illuminates the streets and avenues.

This time we took time to visit some places we hadn’t gone to before instead of just staying in Manhattan. Brooklyn was a nice surprise too!

Stay tuned for the upcoming photos 😉




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