2011 is gone

As the title reads, 2011 is gone and it was a full year. I feel that the bad was finally left behind my back and that it was time to fully embrace the good days. This was mainly personal, so no harm feelings.

Also, I decided to shoot more and, if possible, to post more of my own results. Having a Tumblr log and a website does not help sometimes – sharing on tumblr is way too easy and there is a lot to be seen besides my own things, that I keep losing track on this one. But I’m commited to get (more) back here. By the way, I redesigned my website, so feel free to visit and drop a comment. ^^

During last year, I:

  • Bought more Polaroid cameras;
  • Bought film for those cameras (ay, caramba!, it’s expensive…);
  • Bought two lenses for my Canon SLR: 50mm 1.8 and 70-300mm 4.5 (I’m so happy about both of them at the moment!);
  • Bought my first infrared filter, a 900nm (when I get satisfactory pictures, I’ll post some – at the moment, I have only shot tests);
  • Shot cross-process film (which is expensive as well, but the result is worth it!);
  • Bought a Kodak Baby Brownie camera and recovered it;
  • Got a Diana F+ (CMYK) for Christmas: I started shooting with 120mm at last and I’m having a blast! I can’t wait to see the results, though I’m pretty sure that the first rolls will be “testing only” and the pictures are likely to be crappy ^^

I don’t merge myself with all the “New Year Resolutions” kind of things, but I’d like to be more commited to get out and shoot more and to get my film developed fast! Sometimes, I take months to pick up the rolls from the lab.

So, I just dropped by to update this blog and say “Hi”, bearing in mind that I want to come here more often!

Have a nice 2012!


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