Project 365/52 _ 036.042

Days #036 until #042

What a full week! This week’s post is a bit late, I usually post on Friday – Saturday maximum – to keep a good rhythm of posts, but this week it was hard to keep up with the pace. I’ve been travelling in Portugal, having more work to do, having photoshooting sessions,… busy but really happy! This week’s photos (actually, I should be say “last week’s”), were taking in a more clumsy way, as I was kinda full with work and had not that free time to think technically about each photo. I have to work harder on this.

Photoshooting sessions schedule so far:

one yesterday (cancelled to to work)

one today

two next weekend

one the following weekend

maybe one during this week (maybe!)

a few non-scheduled but almost sure to happen sometime soon.

More news: I’ve been invited to be a club’s photographer *giggles* ^^ It’s a new experience for me, a different kind of photography – you’ll understand why when I post more news about it, don’t worry. (:


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