Back to portraiture

I’ve been doing shooting sessions, but there aren’t pictures of them online – yet. Don’t worry, there are two online samples: one here and one here.

A print album is on the way already. Just paged it and sent it to print. ^^ I’ll put it later online on my Issuu account – at least I’m strongly considering doing it. Apart from piracy issues, that would bring my work and myself some more visibility (hopefully), as a professional.

About today: I’ve been handling a Canon EOS 30D. It’s quite a piece, or should I say a “pièce de resistance”? It’s condered pretty “old”, as it ws launched in 2006 and brought no big news comparing to the previous model, Canon EOS 20D (launched two years before, in 2004). The following model, EOS 40D (2007), was a lot more sold and is a sucessful piece among professionals and “pro-amateurs”. As for me, I’ll keep using my EOS 400D, my pretty little girl!

All the best,



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