Project 365/52 _ 029.035

days #029 to #035

This has been a full week. Some work out of town, some outgoings, melancholical moments, etc.

A favourite… So hard to pick! Not because I like them all – I actually think they aren’t nice at all -, but because each one of them reminds me of a different day, each day full of particular situations and rememberances. So, what to do? I’ll pick… none! At least for now! 😑

And with this post, one month is done. I’m happy for having achieved pit stop #1. Month 1, check! ^^

Now I’m at Mirandela, preparing myself to have lunch before I leave back to Porto again – I’ve been travelling through the night to get to an amazing place and to feel renewed. I still have to take my picture for the day! (No, I did not bring my camera. Some things are not to be captured. :))

Here, here! My lunch is ready! πŸ™‚ Have to rush to get to Porto in 3 or 4 hours maximum! 😑

Love, Alda.


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